Overview of our WKF forms discipline in Cairo

Dear friends in martial arts! Respected WKF country presidents!


As everybody know, the World Championship is coming up in Egypt in October.


Sport has no racial, social or political barriers,
which means that it is the perfect way for all kids, junior boys and girls
men and women, veterans and masters to achieve amazing results,
regardless of race, creed or colour


Today we have 14 categories for forms/Kata/poomse/Hyong/creative   etc.

To avoid any misunderstandings on the tatami or mat, I would like to ask you kindly one more time to read carefully the online WKF rule book for forms.

To see what is a traditional form,

have a look here in two lists of forms.

What are the dress codes?

When does the timer start ?

e.g. for traditional forms with and without weapons ?


Any traditional form / Kata etc. can be customized, but it still has to be recognizable. From our official WKF recognized List and a traditional Japanese or Korean form or Kata!


Welcome to Cairo in October / مرحبا بكم في القاهرة في أكتوبر
WKF Forms and age categories

In creative and freestyle: 

also compiled (with parts of existing forms) form using traditional techniques is permitted.

What is the time limit in creative forms or soft style forms?

All traditional Forms must be using traditional moves only. A traditional Form / Kata / Pommse / Hyong etc. must resemble a traditional work, an adaptation will be acceptable if added moves are of a traditional nature.


Any so called “allstyle” form

is not a traditional one!




Budo weapons for forms 1
Budo weapons for forms 2

For any creative forms is just the division creative forms with music, with and without weapon.

Once again I kindly ask you read the online forms rule book , available in 4 languages!

There you will find exactly what is a traditional form, where is which time limit, what is a creative form and so on.

I thank you for the cooperation so far and wish all of us many traditional participants

and a successful World Championship in Cairo, Egypt.



WKF World president forms




Int. Referee from Italy, Germany, Supervisor Paone Italy, Ukraine and Russia