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African Championships 2024



African continental


open Championships 2024


Qualification for the World Championships

in Torravieja, Spain 2024





Kickboxing African Championship scheduled from




with nice hospitality, good Hotels, international airport

and great sport hall ?


Which team, which country, which city ,who is is the real best on the African continent ? This is the greatest event 2024 for all African countries.

From Egypt to South Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal. All our 32 member countries must send their best amateur fighters male and female, to find out who have the real best team, the best Champions !


WKF World Amateur office has now official confirmed.

All our African countries are invited to bring their best fighters, male and female. For traditional forms and Kata, tatami and ring sport, MMA as well.

All best international African officials as judge and referee must undergo the seminar first, to be in duty in the high class tournament.


WKF AFRICA head office is looking for any real international promoter,


who can organize this huge event, the best and biggest in 2024 in Africa ?


Who are the real best fighters, who becomes African continental Champion ?

perhaps 2024 in MTN Arena in Kampala, Uganda ?

Who is the best female fighter on the African continent ?

Either Tatami, ring sport, Sanda and Wushu, MMA and forms

Soon we have full invitation and all costs for our African national teams, poster and more is coming


Where are the real best African Champions, which Country is Nr. ONE ?


Who are the best fighters and Champions


from the African continent ???


Don´t just talk, come in the ring and prove it !!!


… and fight for YOUR COUNTRY and represent Africa


in the World Championships in October 2024 in Spain