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World Championships 2024 in Spain !!!

Posted by WKF head office on December 1st, 2023


To all our strong WKF AFRICA member countries,


Champions and our best referees!



The whole world will meet after Cairo 2021 in November 2024 in Torrevieja, Spain

and many strong teams from Europe, North America and Latin America,

Australia, Asia  will challenge our best African Champions !


In order to stay at the top of the world rankings,


WKF needs all of our best African fighters, women and men!




Well, next WKF World championships are in November in Torravieja near Alicante in Spain. We expect more than 50 Countries all over the World !!!

All information’s and regular updates online on events.wkfworld.com , just have a look.

In the World Championships we will have our World congress too, and there we will have selection for the new Board of directors for the continental WKF AFRICA federation as well.

Fell free to come and bring a team and officials to Spain in November, than WKF board will decide.


A day before is the usual World referee Seminar !

At least one of your officials must be there to get WKF license.


Full information and updates as always HERE: https://events.wkfworld.com/


I’ll see you all in Torrevieja in November 2024


President WKF ESPAÑA




We look forward to working with new experts who would like to represent their country as the new WKF country President.

Interested in working in a large world association? 

Send us a non-binding email with your inquiry!