International licensed WKF female referees and officials

Daniela GARRIDO ASENJO / Chile
Spiridoula MOUTOU / Greece
Patrizia APOLOT / Uganda

WKF HEAD OFFICE work very hard in cooperation with our IRC- “International rules committee” to train our international officials and referees, to answer protests and requests for the competition rules and to develop our various WKF rules.

History has shown that nothing is set in stone.


As the world know

our next World referee seminar will be held October 15th in Cairo, Egypt, just the weekend before the WKF World Championships.


The next but one World referee seminar will be held in spring 2022 in Rotterdam, the weekend just before the European Championships in the Netherlands.

Without valid WKF license you are not an official in our World Kickboxing Federation!




He WENJU / China

Today WKF has more than 100 international licensed referees on 6 continents.

Of these, unfortunately, we only have six female TOP officials.


Adriana TATU / Romania
Susanna ARRIGHI / Argentina

Like all knowledge, more and more strong female champions and athletes are fighting

Our executive board therefore emphatically requests all WKF country presidents to send more female referees to the seminar in Romania.






It’s in your hands and we just need more

female officials and referees, see you in Cairo