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Yusuf SHAKUR vs. Abu KIKENWA for Uganda K-1 title

Posted by WKF head office on August 23rd, 2014

2014.10.08 Kampala, UgandaWKF UGANDA president Mr. Hassan SEKIRIME is busy like hell.

Next amazing event after Intercontinental title with Moses GOLOLA is on October 8th, again in MTN Arena in Kampala.

 Yusuf SHAKUR challenge Abu KIKENWA for the Uganda national title in Light Heavyweight – 81,40Kg in K-1 rules.

This is not just a title fight but also for the crown in Uganda in this weight class.

A battle of honour, let us say. And the winner get a chance ASAP for an African title.

Possible challenger could be strong WKF Nigerian Champion Afam C. OBINKA , current African Champion in Full contact, coming from Abuja.

“I can beat everybody” , Afam said, we will see and soon we know.

A second title fight is also still in negotiation. Patricia APOLOT is in great shape, after her so successfully title defence. We know, there is an African continental title fight possible, contacts with female champions from Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt has started.

Step by step she is better known outside of Africa. After next step African continental title is everything possible.

WKF UGANDA leader shipUganda 2

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Patricia APOLOT want to fight now for WKF African title!

Posted by WKF head office on August 1st, 2014

APOLOT Patricia_UGA WKF UGANDA twice champion Patricia APOLOT !

Many photos now in the Gallery !

For further request and any challenging her contact her management by mail.














2014kampala_july24_25 009

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Moses GOLOLA/UGA vs. Richard ABRAHAM/USA in Kampala 29.08.

Posted by WKF head office on July 28th, 2014

ABRAHAM Richard_USA_3GOLOLA Moses_UGAWKF UGANDA president Mr. Hassan SEKIRIME announce next amazing event.

WKF AFRICA continental director Mr. Mark HEY confirmed already the Intercontinental title in Middleweight – 75Kg / 165 lbs

For the first time ever an US American fighter comes to Kampala, to challenge our WKF Intercontinental Champion and Uganda hero Moses GOLOLA.



wkf_africaWKF USA Logo

Richard ABRAHAM is two times World Champion in another federation, so this will be for sure the hardest challenge in the long and successfully career of Golola.

This fight is scheduled for August 29th, venue is 5 star “Silver Spring Hotel” in Port Bell road in Bogoloobi, Kampala.

Supervisor is once again World director Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER.

The president of WKF USA Mr. Ric SNIFEN is in duty as judge ringside, promoter is “Golola promotions and co

Soon we know more details, fight card and poster coming soon.


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WKF World Championships 2014 in Prague

Posted by WKF head office on July 28th, 2014

WKF PRAGUE 2014WKF CZECH REPUBLIC president Dr. jur. Michal FRABSA and his team has many experience in promoting such high class events. In the past our Czech friends promoted already World and European Championships and everybody was more than happy with the organisation.

Scheduled in November, 10th -15th in Prague, Czech Republic, venue is Arena Sparta.

Send the list of your teams for FORMS and FIGHTING registration directly to WKF head office by mail

Your team can compete in 10 form divisions, Tatami sport like Semi contact, Light contact and kick-light. Ring sport full contact, lowkick, K-1 and Muay Thai. Plus MMA in the cage. Two fighters per weight/style are possible


Start in time for your Visa procedure if needed,  you have more than 3 month from now for preparation, to train your team, to look for sponsors and contact our WKF CZECH travel partner.

Mrs. Pavla SUCHANOVA helps anybody for Visa, Airport transfer and Hotel booking in Prague.The official team Hotel must be used from all teams or they cannot participate !  mail: info@wkf2014.com OR send your request directly to our head office.

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WKF ALGERIA confirm a team for Prague too

Posted by WKF head office on July 27th, 2014

RAHAB Omar_ALG_2 WKF ALGERIA president Mr. Omar RAHAB confirm a team for the upcoming World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, November 10th to 15th.

Algerian Champions represent their country in Ring sport and we all know the high level in Kickboxing in Algeria.

This are some favourites to challenge successfully the European, Asian and all other fighters.

Algeria is now the 14th African member country who confirmed already for Prague.


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Huge success in Kampala ! Matsiko and Apolot became new Champions

Posted by WKF head office on July 26th, 2014

MASCO Alex_UGA_2 APOLOT Patricia_UGAShort Video clip is here !


Huge success in Kampala, WKF head office confirmed now officially the result.

Uganda´s son Alex MATSIKO won the international Uganda K-1 title vs. Hungarian top Champion Istvan SZÜCS .

Alex title is already in the World ranking  He moved on in the World ranking and hold now pos. nine.

Ugandas national femal Champion Patricia APOLOT won her title defence - 60 Kg in Full contact again Jackie NASIMBWA  very clear by TKO in 5th round.

Next event is already planed, again with internaitonal Champions, with African continental title for Apolot and re-match with Matsiko vs. SZÜCS.


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WKF CAMEROON confirmed a team for World Championship in Prague

Posted by WKF head office on July 26th, 2014

WKF CAMEROUNWKF AFRICA reports the 14th African member country for Prague.

WKF CAMEROON president Mr. Guy Bertrand OLOMO has already confirmed a team for the WKF World championships in Prague, November 10th – 15th.

Mr. Olomo is one of our longest member and a very good friend of WKF AFRICA.

WKF Cameroon has always tough fighters, we remember on the huge success of the team by the World Championships in 2008. Two Gold medals was the great result of two nice guys and tough fighters.

Bibi ONBOUDA in Lowkick – 63,5 Kg and Nguepkak DJANANG Lowkick – 75Kg became World Champions.

We remember on the great atmosphere, drums and singers during the fight. What amazing finals !!!

Now in 2014 we expect the same level and strong team.


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Patricia APOLOT defend her title in MTN Arena in Kampala July, 25th

Posted by WKF head office on July 18th, 2014

2014.07.25 Kampala,UgandaAPOLOT Patricia_UGA_WKF AFRICA continental federation sanction next top event in Uganda’s capital Kampala.


On the international fight card promoter Magic of Hunnia Ltd. has scheduled 2 WKF title fights.

For the international Uganda K-1 title Hungarian Champion Istvan SZÜCS vs. local hero and home town fighter Alex MASIKO. Lightmiddleweight – 72,30Kg/159 lbs. 

Alex is a young and tough fighter with an excellent KO punch. Many Kampala girls will come to support him :lol:

Second main fight is a re-match for the female title, the best of the best in Uganda. First title fight won Patrica APOLOT, our current Nr. 1 in Lightweight – 60 Kg/132 lbs.

Patricia APOLOT vs. Jackie NASIMBWA are ready and well prepared for the second strike. During first press conference Jackie said “this time I will knock her down in 3rd round”.

MTN ARENA LUGOGO_KAMPALASoon we will know. The event in MTN Arena Lugogo, Kampala, promoter Magic of Hunnia Ltd.

Everybody expect again a sold out event, make sure to get your tickets in time. VIP or easy tickets, don´t miss this great event.wkf_africa


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Samir SAKHI – first WKF World Champion from Morocco

Posted by WKF head office on June 30th, 2014

SAKHI Samir_MARFlag_of_Morocco.svgWKF AUSTRALIA continental president Mr. Robert WILESMITH confirm now official the great result. What an amazing success for WKF MOROCCO !

Sydney was the amazing City, the venue was “Punchbowl Club”, a great VIP location.

Samir Sakhi (Morocco) Vs Alfa Tubagus (Team Thunderlegs, Jakarta Indonesia)

Both fighters came prepared for a war, both carrying their country pride on their backs.

This was a tough fight, with Tubagus unleashing solid leg kicks, while Sakhi came over the top of Tubagus with tough solid high kicks, punches and no rest.

This went on for 3 rounds, and at the start of the 4th round, Tubagus indicated to trainer Robert Wilesmith that he had sore ribs and couldn’t continue, declaring Sakhi the “NEW” WKF Pro World Super Lightweight K1 Champion.


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WKF GHANA confirm a team for the World Chamionhips in Prague

Posted by WKF head office on June 27th, 2014

Col. SHARP WKF GhanaWKF GHANA president Col. John E. SHARP confirm once again a team for the upcoming WKF World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic.

As everybody know the entry Visa procedure for Europe needs in any case few weeks. You must send a correct list for the registration to WKF head office, with all competitors, coaches and officials.

According the WKF rules each country must bring at least one judge/ referee in correct dress !

WKF AFRICA continental federation support our member countries as good as we can, but every country must contact ASAP the Czech organising team for all further details.

Again, this a huge and real World Championships, not just a little tournament.

wkf_africaYOU must start in the next days with first contact to the organisers, or you are to late !!!

So many countries would request for Visa, from all over the World. Please understand it takes time ! First come -first serve !!!





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