World Championships November 2024 in Spain !!!

full information here

To all our strong WKF AFRICA member countries, Champions and our best referees!


18th to 22nd  NOVEMBER 2024




president WKF ESPAÑA, Juan PINILLA

The whole world will meet after Cairo 2021 in November 2024 in Spain and many strong teams from Europe, North America and Latin America, Australia, Asia  will challenge our best African Champions !

In order to stay at the top of the world rankings,

WKF needs all of our best African fighters, women and men!

registration NOW OPEN to November 1st

Well, next WKF World championships are in November in Spain.

We expect more than 70 Countries all over the World !!!

All information’s and regular updates online on , just have a look.

Info here


Amateur Boxing is in Alicante for the

World Championships in November



In the World Championships we will have our World congress too, and there we will have selection for the new Board of directors for the continental WKF AFRICA federation for the next 4 Years as well.

Fell free to come and bring a team and officials to Spain in November, than WKF board will decide.

A day before on November 17th is the usual World referee Seminar !

At least one of your officials must be there to get WKF license

Full information and updates as always HERE:


I’ll see you all in Spain, November 18th to 22nd, 2024

President WKF ESPAÑA



We look forward to working with new experts who would like to represent their country as the new WKF country President.

Interested in working in a large world association? 

Send us a non-binding email with your inquiry!

WKF BOXING / BKFC – new World division

Daniel Z. HIRLAU

Dear sports friends,

On March 1st, 2024, a new WKF Division Worldwide will begin work.

By athletes – for athletes!

The aim is not to compete with existing associations, but rather to complement them with significantly less bureaucracy and fewer annoying, outdated regulations.

In collaboration with all of our 140+ WKF country presidents with the new WKF department “BOXING/BKFC”, we are also internationally networked on 6 continents in over 140 nations.

The Hungarian expert Daniel Z. HIRLAU will become world president of the new division from March 1st, 2024.

From now on, ALL BOXERS – women and men – can use our free offer and apply for inclusion in the BOXING World rankings via the FIGHTER PROFILE. Free and non-bureaucratic!

The international WKF license applies to all boxers!

For PROFI boxers, a corresponding license and registration in BOXREC is mandatory! We would be happy to help you with this too.

The first amateur BOXING tournament will take place on April 26th/27th in Innsbruck, at the same time as the WKF Austrian Open in kickboxing.

All registrations should be sent directly to the BOXING head office, Mr. Hirlau,

by email:

Anyone with a WKF license and a valid medical certificate is eligible to participate.

If you have any further questions, I will be happy to help you at any time.

contact mail:  Ő beszél magyarul / limba romana / English oder Deutsch

respectfully greetings

Daniel Z. HIRLAU


World Kickboxing Federation and the African Kickboxing Confederation

The World Kickboxing Federation, and the African Kickboxing Confederation, whose constitutive general assembly was held in Yaoundé, Cameroon from November 16 to 18, 2024, invite all
African countries to please contact the Promoter of WKF AFRICA, the name Samuel SIDZOU at
With the aim of agreeing to act together to organize an African Kickboxing Championship in 2024, with a view to good representation of the African continent at the next Kickboxing World Championship, planned in Spain in the month of November 2024.
In accordance with our WKF statutes, the continental board of WKF AFRICA will also be re-elected at the world congress in November in Spain – under the supervision of the WKF board.
The election will take place solely on the basis of representatives of African countries present on site! Anyone who is not present in Spain cannot be elected.
Selon nos statuts de la WKF, le conseil d’administration continental de la WKF AFRICA sera également réélu lors du Congrès mondial de novembre en Espagne – sous la supervision du conseil d’administration de la WKF.
L’élection se déroulera uniquement sur la base des représentants des pays africains présents sur place ! Quiconque n’est pas présent en Espagne ne peut pas être élu.
La World Kickboxing Federation, et la Confédération Africaine de Kickboxing dont l’assemblée générale constitutive s’est tenue à Yaoundé au Cameroun du 16 au 18 novembre 2024, invitent tous les pays d’Afrique à bien vouloir contacter le Promoteur de la WKF AFRICA, le nommé Samuel SIDZOU au
wkfafrica@gmail.comdans le but de se mettre d’accord pour agir ensemble à l’organisation d’un championnat d’Afrique de Kickboxing en 2024, en vue d’une bonne représentation du continent africain au prochain championnat du monde de Kickboxing, prévue en Espagne dans le mois de novembre 2024.

African Kickboxing Confederation (WKF AFRICA)

The report in English and French here /  Le rapport en anglais et en français ici
The National Museum of Yaoundé in Cameroon hosted last Saturday, November 18, 2023, the Constitutive Assembly of the African Kickboxing Confederation, abbreviated WKF AFRICA.
Cameroon is to this day the only country in Africa to have approved a national association in charge of the development of Kickboxing.
Since December 20, 2014, Master SIDZOU SAMUEL has been an official member of the world headquarters of the World Kickboxing Federation, based in Vienna in the Austrian Republic.
Given his technical and managerial skills, Master SIDZOU SAMUEL was responsible for ensuring the education and training of volunteers in various African countries, with a view to awarding each admitted person with a federal diploma of Manager (athlete representative) , with a view to the creation of a national federation in charge of Kickboxing, in various African countries.
Overall objective: to use martial arts and the noble art as a means of education to:
– citizenship and volunteering;
– Culture ;
– the social life ;
– the social economy.
Specific objectives :
– promote the health of citizens through physical and sporting activities organized in an artistic and cultural framework;
– produce and distribute goods and services in relation to the promotion of citizens’ health;
– use the organization of artistic and cultural activities as a means of detecting talents, likely to be registered on the list of high-level athletes, supervisors and judges/referees, with a view to athletic performances.
Applications are open to all African countries for the organization of the 2024 African Kickboxing Championship, a qualifier for the 2024 Kickboxing World Championship, scheduled for Torrevieja.
Confédération Africaine de Kickboxing (WKF AFRIQUE)
Le Musée National de Yaoundé au Cameroun a abrité samedi passé, 18 novembre 2023, l’Assemblée Constitutive de la Confédération Africaine de Kickboxing, en abrégé WKF AFRIQUE.
Le Cameroun est jusqu’à nos jours, le seul pays d’Afrique ayant agréé une association nationale en charge du développement du Kickboxing.
Depuis le 20 décembre 2014, Maître SIDZOU SAMUEL, est membre officiel du siège mondial de la Fédération Mondiale de Kickboxing, basé à Vienne en République Autrichienne.
Vu ses compétences techniques et managériales, Maître SIDZOU SAMUEL a été chargé d’assurer l’éducation et la formation des volontaires dans divers pays d’Afrique, en vue de décerner à chaque admis, un diplôme fédéral de Manager (représentant d’athlètes), en vue de la création d’une fédération nationale en charge du Kickboxing, dans divers pays d’Afrique.
Objectif global : utiliser les arts martiaux et le noble art comme moyen d’éducation à :
– la citoyenneté et le volontariat ;
– la culture ;
– la vie sociale ;
– l’économie sociale.
Objectifs spécifiques : 
– promouvoir la santé des citoyens à travers les activités physiques et sportives organisées dans un cadre artistique et culturelle ; 
– produire et distribuer les biens et services en relation avec la promotion de la santé des citoyens ;
– utiliser l’organisation des activités artistiques et culturelles comme moyen de détection des talents, susceptibles d’être inscrits sur la liste des sportifs, encadreurs et juges/arbitres de haut niveau, en vue des performances athlétiques.
Les candidatures sont ouvertes à tous les pays d’Afrique pour l’organisation du championnat d’Afrique de Kickboxing 2024, qualificatif au championnat du monde de Kickboxing 2024, prévue à Torrevieja.

African continental open Championships 2023 in Cameroon










Complete information in English and French here


Informations complètes en anglais et en français ici 



for all African fighters, male and female
African continental Championships – for best African fighters male and female

African continental



open Championships 2023






with new full election


of the WKF African board of directors



Yaoundé, Cameroon





Kickboxing African Championship


scheduled from


Thursday 16 to Saturday 18 November 2023


subject to authorization by the Minister in charge


of arts and culture of Cameroon


Which country can promote this 3-5 days event ?


good Hotels, international airport and great sport hall


Which team and country, who are the real best on the African continent ?

This is the greatest event 2023 for all African countries.

From Tunisia to South Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal.

And best preparation for the great World Championships 2024 in France !

When the World comes to France, to challenge best Africans as well!

Send mail to WKF CAMEROON for any further details:


All our 37 member countries must send their best amateur fighters male and female, to find out who have the real best team, the best Champions !

Your country is not yet member in WKF AFRICA continental federation ?


Contact our office today !

News from WKF EGYPT – re-start with a new team

Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Mohamed BAKR


With immediate effect from August 1st 2023


Mr. Mohamed El-Desouki has been dismissed, that all authorizations in Egypt have been revoked, and that all seals in Egypt are invalid

from today’s date August 1st ,  until a new person is appointed to head the Egyptian Federation WKF.

Plus nominate the members of the new executive office of the Egyptian Federation WKF.


Upon the recommendation and advice of our highly respected Middle East and Arab Region Director, Mr. Husam Majeed, the Board of the World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) agrees to the following decision:


Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Mohamed BAKR was assigned for a period of three months to establish the Egyptian WKF Federation.

In the presence of Mr. Husam Majeed, General Supervisor of the Arab Region and the Middle East.


As well as in the presence of the President and CEO of the WKF – World Kickboxing Federation

Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER, the global documentation of the establishment of the WKF Egyptian Federation takes place.


Further changes to country presidents in the WKF worldwide will follow shortly.


More than 40 nations are looking for a successor

Next WKF World referee seminar in Slovenia, October 26th

last World referee Seminar 2022

 WKF European Championships
are in Trieste, Italy, October 26th to 29th
World referee Seminar in Slovenia

Our next WKF World referee seminar is first time in history in Slovenija on Thursday, October 26th in Škofije, just 15Km from Trieste.
Referees can not be in duty by us without an official WKF license, and without WKF fighter license is no fight.
WKF EUROPE continental federation expect now after Covid again more than 25 countries from all over Europe, in October 26th to 29th 2023
Many competitors in all WKF disciplines,  6 Forms divisions and Semi contact , Light contact and kick-light on Tatami, ring sport in 4 disciplines and MMA
Just Thursday before is the upcoming annual
WKF World referee seminar
Best chance to get or extend international Referee license as well.
Each country must bring to continental an World championships at least one WKF licensed referee or pay cash 300 .- Euro/USD deposit!