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Great event in Uganda – Elohim Give International Title Defence

Posted by WKF head office on October 30th, 2018

Patricia APOLOT – Black pearl of Uganda

The show was really happened in Kumi, the Teso region in Uganda on 14.09.2018. And Elohim gave the International title… !!!
The Black Pearl promotion did the maximum, what was possible. They organized a top class event with 2 WKF title fight 250 km from Kampala the capitol of Uganda, We just thank you for them, because they worked hard to arranged this nice event.
The full program was 14 fights in the Secret Heart Hotel fighters 8 different clubs. 2 main title fight and 12 under cards fight.
The first main event was Ronald Odoch (Uganda) vs Marko Dmitrovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) Superwelterweight -69,5 kg / 153 lbs WKF pro International K1 title defense. This fight was little bit fast. Odoch, who is the international belt holder is started very hard to showing up who is the boss in the ring and gave big pressure to the Bosnian challenger and won by KO in the first round with a very nice knee technique to Marco head and the fight was over.

Ronald ODOCHInternational Champion of Uganda

We arrived to the 2nd main even what everybody waited, because the homegirl Patricia Apolot brought the title fight there first time in Teso region.
Patricia Apolot (Uganda) vs Sandra Zivkovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) WKF pro Intercontinental lightweight title defense. Kickboxing with low kick. Both lady was exactly Lightweight 60 kg / 132 lbs on the scale before 1 day of the fight.

… and the winner is …

The first round started very attractive and Patricia showed her strong skills in the ring and the referee counted 2 times for the Bosnian challenger.
She got 1 time to the head and one time to the body a very strong kick, but finally we arrived to the 21nd round. Sandra got a lot of energy on the pause, because she started full power the second round.
The audience liked that the fight become different, but this make the Bosnian lady end of the fight. Patricia saw, that Sandra want to make surprise and the World Champion Apolot moved up a different level and first destroyed and after knocked out Sandra Zivkovic in the second round very hardly. The Bosnian stay on the flour 10 minutes.
All Teso people celebrate the homeland Champion , who won again and defend her title in Uganda.
Patricia is still undefeated wkf champion and the number 1 female kick boxer in the WKF history.

Patricia APOLOT, Istvan ROZMAN and WKF UGANDA president Patrick LYUOOZA