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Next 3 upcoming events in Middle east !

Posted by WKF head office on July 7th, 2018


All of you … Our local and international events in the summer season 2018 in cooperation with the legal committee of kickboxing of the Egyptian Federation of Wushu Kung Fu

First: The Ghost Festival of Cakeboxing
( Hobby )
Date: 13/7/2018 … in the city of Tanta, Gharbia Governorate
In which we will inform the trainers about the activity plan of the FG Group of Companies

Second: Championship (giants of the coast) qualifying for the championship (Afro-Asian International)
Date Friday, 3/8/2018 in the city of Baltim, Kafr El – Sheikh
Which will be followed by the selection of the elements of the Egyptian team participating in the tournament and the work of the necessary camp in the city of Baltim in the latest Chalets free of charge for the players of the team with the best potential for them in the camp.

Third: Afro-Asian International Championship
(هواه _ محترفين)
Which confirmed the presence in it so far can be increased by:
Iraq _ Morocco _ Algeria _ Tunisia _ Qatar _ Pakistan _ Uganda
In a very big international atmosphere and I assure for the first time in Egypt a surprise and the prizes are really surprising …..

Accept my greetings and love and appreciation

Dr. Ahmed Siam
General Coordinator, Media Spokesperson and Database Officer of the World Federation of Kickboxing wkf in the Arab Region and the Middle