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African continental title – South Sudan vs. Kenya in Juba

Posted by WKF head office on June 17th, 2018


MAYEAN Kuol, South Sudan

WKF head office confirmed:

The Long awaited Battle For the African WKF Continental belt is here.

Kenya Allen Allan Muhahala Kenyatta Challenging South Sudan Roughest toughest Kuol Mayean in Middleweight – 75 kg / 165 lbs for the WKF  African K-1 continental title Belt.

On the main card are 4 south Sudan champion for K-1 WKF National titles belt.


Date is July 6th, venue in Juba in South Sudan.

WKF continental PRO champion belt

WKF official representative will be coming to supervise the fight.

The rumor said WKF World president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER  come as invited very special guest and celebrate his Birthday (!) with friends on this great event in Juba!


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