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The official weighing is now done …

Posted by WKF head office on April 28th, 2018

Dominika FILEC vs. Patricia APOLOT

… three titles take place as planned!

Our US Champion Jarrod HORATH has been in Vienna since Tuesday and was two kg below the weight limit. As well as his German opponent Andreas BASTRON.

The official weighing is now done, all six champions have brought the weight.

Both girls Dominika FILEC/POL and Patricia APOLOT/UGA were well below the required 60 kg.

The Polish European champion Michal ZAJAC came on top of the scales, as well as the Austrian hometown challenger Alexander KRUPIC.

The Polish Cingal can not come either way so is the last main fight World Champion Florian BARTL. Czech Ivo CRHAK, for whom again the Dutch did not bring the ordered opponent.

online at 1.30pm New York City local time





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Michal ZAJAC vs. Alexander KRUPIC