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WKF Golden state warrior open in Los Angeles, California

Posted by WKF head office on April 11th, 2018

WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN has more and more new state directors in USA.


WKF Golden state warrior open
all fighters, countries and teams are welcome !
 Special Guest: Troy DORSEY
Promoter Master Anthony von Sager report latest TOP news:

Were:  7229 Atoll Ave. ,N. Hollywood, CA 91605

            Hayastan Academy   (contact WKF USA only!

When:  19th & 20th of May 2018

Time:   Sat & Sun,  doors open 8.00 am

Scale:  8.30-10.30 am (spectators entry 10.30 am)

Event:   Full, Light (continues), Semi and Kata, 

              Weapon Kata’s – Forms, Able body division,

              Self-defense, Weapons F.  Grand Champion

              Title Belts, large Trophy’s and Price Money!





with 8 x World Kickboxing Karate & Boxing Champion, living Legend, Shihan Troy Dorsey !!!

Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity

Stay tuned for full update, sign up pre-registraion …


email all your fighters amd officials to: clouddancermedia@gmail.com , attention : WKF golden State


For more info go to: www.getfit4yourlife.com / wkf event page