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Open letter of WKF UGANDA president Mr. Hassan SEKIRIME

Posted by WKF head office on August 10th, 2017

WKF UGANDA president Hassan SEKIRIME and Joseph KASATA

To all our WKF AFRICAN member countries president

Below is the open letter from our respected African brother and high respected WKF UGANDA president Mr. Hassan SEKIRIME.

If you like to attend the historical meeting send a mail to our WKF UGANDA office in Kampala, please.


Dear WKF African brothers I greet you all,

This is very important information to every member, that time has come to exercise our democracy,  to have a proper WKF AFRICAN  GENERAL ASSEMBLY,


and ready to send representative, to monitor and witness this  Historical  assembly.


The proposed date for this assembly is

5th January 2018 Kampala Uganda


All members, wish to stand for any post, please send your request directly to WKF UGANDA head office Mr. Hassan Sekirime by mail.  


Dear brothers and sisters, let us embrace this chance, we exercise our rights,

some of the advantages I have noticed:

  1. we can be able to have a common voice as WKF African continent,


  1. we can  have  WKF championships, after having proved by The WKF African technical committee, so this issue of people calling themselves  African champions, in every country, resulted from having no proper  ARRANGEMENT and lack of solidarity


  1. Remember in Africa we have all AFRICAN GAMES, but we cant participate in these games, because we don’t have proper real body to register for these games, like for case of Uganda, other sports DISCIPLINE, Participate in these Games, but kickboxing never attended, and yet the government can support this.


So dear sister and brother,  very many reasons as why it is very important to have African assembly, our meeting am sure will be rotational, this will enable us to exchange our ideas and experience,

Please don’t hesitate for any advice, guideline, changes or contribution