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Our WKF team in middle east, based on African and Asian continent

Posted by WKF head office on June 1st, 2020

WKF middle east teamWKF has in the Arabic world and middle east our office in Cairo.

Head and heart of the busy working team is Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI.

He is responsible for managing all WKF belongings in his area, support our members, answer requests in Arabic language.

Mr. Dessouki is the only A1 Supervisor in Africa and hold many international referee seminars in Africa and Asia.

Welcome to Cairo in October – click here

Our team from left:

Dr. Hussam MAJID, WKF Iraq, technical director and Vicepresident of WKF middle east

Mr. Issa IBRAHIM, WKF Egypt, Vicepresident of WKF middle east

Mr. Omar CHEBALI, WKF Morocco, our African continental MMA director and K-1 expert

Mr. Ibrahim HAMAD, WKF EGYPT, PR and media office for WKF middle east

Dr. Hassan GHADBAN, WKF Lebanon, General secretary of WKF middle east

Read full story here in Arabic language


WKF Middle east