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Night of glory for South Sudan kick boxing team

Posted by WKF head office on April 10th, 2016

IMG_6017WKF SOUTH SUDAN president Mr. Puro OKELO report about last event.
All South Sudan Champions was successfully in all under card fights, they won them all.
Main fight was scheduled for the PRO-AM Lowkick African continental title in Middleweight – 75 Kg / 165 lbs.
Josef PIO LIWA from South Sudan was challenger of Denis ROMANO NYIKIO from Kampala in Uganda.
Very curious, this title fight could not happen, because Romano Nyikio did not arriving on time due to delay at the Immigration office passport control !!!
So Pio Liwa was in the ring for a non title bout, which he won very clear. This title fight is now postponed and scheduled for July again.