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WEST AFRICA office is very busy

Posted by WKF head office on June 12th, 2016

Our respected WKF NIGERIA president Mr. Nwobodo Ikechukwu has started January 1st our new head office to develop WKF better in West Africa. Our web site is here:  http://wkfwestafrica.com/




Afam OBINKA, African continental Champion, Nigeria


  • Call on the people, government and institutions to engage in the promotion of kickboxing programs
  • Raise awareness on benefits of kickboxing to the Youth, Women, Armed Forces and the general public
  • Organize seminars and workshops for schools, youth groups, military and para-military groups
  • Organize team competitions between states, schools, communities and the armed forces clubs
  • Organize national and international professional athlete programs
  • Organize referees and judges’ seminars for training and recruiting new members
  • Encourage coaches and professional athlete to open training academies
  • Organize national title events to honour the hard work of athletes
  • Attend various world title events with outstanding athletes to represent Team Nigeria.


We believe that by the end of 2016 calendar year, we will be able;

  1. To inspire up to 10 Kickboxing clubs to train world standard athletes.
  2. To represent Nigeria on the world kickboxing federation platform. Thereby, creating a mark and our presence in the world title series.
  3. To successfully influence a huge number of foreign outlets to pick interest in Nigerian kickboxing potentials.
  4. To create enabling environment for Nigerian athletes to become gainfully employed through kickboxing.
  5. To set up sustainable competitive tournaments for schools, communities, military and para-military clubs.
  6. To set up sustainable competitive annual tournaments that will bring athletes, fans and investors from all over the world to Nigeria.
  7. To encourage discipline and integrity in our young people.
  8. To train a number of women in the art of self-defense, thereby, reducing the rate of rape cases in our society.