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Many new updates in our WKF PRO-AM World ranking

Posted by WKF head office on July 15th, 2020

Samim SAHIL, European Champion 2018

Florian BARTL, Austria, 8 times World Champion

EXENBERGER-Fritz-WKF-325x500So many new male and female fighter in our PRO-AM World ranking !

Just in the last two weeks more than 50 new fighters are listed in the WKF PRO-AM World ranking.

Everybody likes the idea to give the best amateur fighters a chance to fight for a real valuable title, and still to be amateur.

This is to avoid any miss match, just to have an opponent in same amateur level.

How to get listed ?

Very easy, just fill in the online fighter profile on right hand, add a jpg of your male / female fighter and send to our head office.


Can´t be easier !!!


Serious promoter wanted:

Here is one of current male WKF PRO-AM Champions.

He is current Nr. 11 in the Lightwelterweight – 63,5 Kg / 138 lbs World ranking !

Samim SAHIL want to challenge any African male Champion for a PRO-AM World title in low kick OR in K-1.

Where is the best male champion on the African continent or is there none ?

Who have a real tough male Champion ready for this amazing title fight chance ???

Austrian Florian BARTL is EIGHT (!) times PRO-AM World Champion and want to challenge ANY African champion in CRUISERWEIIGHT- 86 Kg / 189 lbs in K-1.

Both fighters are from the same team Octagon pro Gym in Vienna , Austria ! Send your request by mail and make your deal.

But: for real fighters only !!!

If you want to book any PRO-AM title for your next event title just contact our head office by mail.